Piecing together the last meal

By Jenna Bytheway

Beetle foot

Let’s talk about poo. That disgusting warm brown smelly mess that you want to get as far away from as possible. But what if I told you that the scats (poos) of animals that eat insects contain a world of secrets in the shape of decapitated heads and legs. Pull one apart under the microscope and it reveals the devastation of a mass murder.

Bugs4beasts Image1

But how do you know whose head and leg belong to whom?

Imagine if you could look through a photographic gallery of a collection of insect heads and other body parts to help you figure out who they belong to. Well now you can!

Bugs 4 beasts is a collection of amazing photographs of bug bits!

Bugs 4 Beasts Image2

You can browse through these fascinating photos and look at the heads of insects, spiders and scorpions. Or if you prefer, you can view all of the body parts of a particular insect, such as a killer wasp!

These astounding photographs can help you piece together your animal’s last meal!

Bugs 4 Beasts Image3

My favourite photo’s the wasp leg. What’s yours? Bugs4beasts.sydneybiology.org