David Nelson

Position: Research Assistant
Phone: +61 2 9351 7683
Email: david.nelson@sydney.edu.au
Location: Room 310, A08 – Heydon-Lawrence building, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia

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With a lifelong passionate interest in animals, I studied biology at the University of Sydney, completing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced). I then completed honours under Professor Rick Shine, researching how the learning abilities of predators are helping them live with cane toads at the invasion front. After completing my studies, I began volunteering with the Desert Ecology Research Group (DERG) on field trips to the Simpson Desert in Western Queensland. On top of this, I spent many months travelling around various parts of Australia, exploring the country, photographing its fauna, volunteering on various research projects and conducting survey work as an wildlife ecologist.

Since my first trip as a volunteer, I’ve seen tremendous variation in the desert – from the baking hot summers to the icy winter nights; from a rat and mouse plague after record rains to the inevitable harsh times that follow. The desert still holds many secrets for me and each trip reveals something new.

My main interest is in the desert fauna – the ecology and behaviour of the small animals that live amongst the sand hills.