Alan Kwok

Position: Research assistant

Formal qualifications: PhD in Ecology (UNSW, 2012). B. Sc. (Hons. Class 1; UNSW 2006)

I have a broad interest in terrestrial arthropod ecology. In particular, I am interested in fine-scale distribution in relation to resource patches, such as leaf litter and plant-created patches. My interests focus on broader taxonomic groups and patterns, rather than species-level approaches.

With the Desert Ecology Research Group I am investigating temporal patterns from long-term samples from the Simpson Desert. This involves describing changes to arthropod assemblages from sites where invertebrates have been sampled for nearly 20 years, and attempting to elucidate drivers of these patterns. This information is crucial to our understanding of invertebrate ecology as there are few places where such long term data actually exists.

I am also an avid photographer – if you’re interested in seeing pretty photos of all things natural history, please see!

Academic awards

Student prize for outstanding student speed talk at the Ecological Society of Australia conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 2011.


Kwok, A.B.C., Eldridge, D.J.and Oliver, I.A. (2011) Do landscape health indices reflect arthropod biodiversity status in the eucalypt woodlands of eastern Australia? Austral Ecology 36, 800-813.

Leary, T., Kwok, A., Khan, B., Ibbetson, P. (2010) Yuppy bandicoots of inner west Sydney—in hiding or urban renewal? In: The natural history of Sydney eds. D. Lunney, P. Hutchings and D. Hochuli. Royal Zoological Society of NSW, Mosman, Australia.

Eldridge, D.J. and Kwok, A.B.C. (2008) Soil disturbance by animals at varying spatial scales in a semi-arid Australian woodland. The Rangeland Journal 30, 327-337.